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Homeless Support Systems


This project was Directed by Karis Features' Executive Director Robert Hess in partnership with Conscious Discipline, a leading social-emotional education company.

It’s time to rethink everything we know about “the way things are” for homeless children.

Educators in America’s Heartland are breaking through the barriers that divide affluent from homeless, throwing away the concept that good kids deserve to be rewarded and naughty kids deserve to be punished, and tearing down archaic belief systems that limit our unity and resilience. When you destroy outdated systems, what emerges is a new methodology and "a place built to bring people together.” That place is called The Playing Field and that methodology is called Conscious Discipline. The results are stunning, with children from all walks of life working together, learning to love and be loved, and developing the resilience necessary to carry them through whatever life offers. Witness a new generation of childcare in action and learn how you can take part in building this stunning change.