Cancer Patient Community Encouragement

This project was originally inspired by Memorial Health's Harvest of Hope celebration. Above is a video that shares the story of this event.

My Life With Cancer is an online community resource for cancer patients, survivors, and their families to share and grow with each other.

Karis Features is proud to introduce a revolutionary new project that will benefit so many lives that we hope to fully launch in 2016. “My Life With Cancer” is a new educational initiative that brings patients, survivors, family members, and caretakers together to share their thoughts in an online community of love. Anyone, anywhere in the world, who is newly diagnosed with cancer, can navigate to our website and have instant access to a letter written by someone who has survived their journey with cancer. Please do not feel hesitant if you haven’t actually been diagnosed with cancer yourself. Family members and caretakers have a very unique perspective that we feel will benefit individuals who will use this site for support.

This project is also a great way for you to share your experiences with family and friends. Memorial Health University Medical Center is tremendously excited for this site to reach our goal of impacting the lives of thousands of people. We invite you to join us on this incredible mission and help us help your community connect to each other.