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International Arts Empowerment

Endeleza is a Kiswahili word that means progress, prosper, and flourish. The film is a rare opportunity for viewers around the globe to experience the miracles that the Sarakasi Trust bestows upon its participants first hand. The Sarakasi Trust is an organization established in Nairobi, Kenya, to enhance and advance the lives of the less fortunate through the performing arts. Their energy, excitement, creativity, and encouragement give the participants the tools to transform their lives and positively influence the lives of others. By providing intimate vignettes into the lives of four amazing individuals that are part of the Sarakasi Trust, we will watch as they encounter the forces of opposition that hinder their daily life. Through interaction with their families, friends, and by participating in their day-to-day activities, we will experience the amazing talent and vigor of these struggling artistes as they learn life-changing lessons of performance and perseverance. Endeleza will take us on this incredible journey with them.