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Disability Advocacy 

Abilities Unlimited is the story of one organization saving lives through a loving community using progressive exercise.

They offer their services to anyone, of any age, with any disability.

Frank is one example of a young man who was paralyzed in a car accident. Doctors told him he absolutely would never walk again and thus his insurance company refused to pay for additional physical therapy. Frank met the founder of AU, Rhonda Langford and today is walking independently. This is only one of many hundreds of live-saving stories that this organization is responsible for.

Known only as, “Abilities Unlimited”, they serve severely mentally, physically, and emotionally disabled people when physical therapy and the hospital system rejects them. This not for profit has been serving Georgia's Chatham County for over ten years now and they have rescued over 500 individuals from the very edge of being forgotten completely. Financial issues have been a serious detriment to the success of the program and it seems that every grant society in Georgia wants to ignore the great work that these people are doing. Work that no one else wants to do for people that no one else wants to remember. This is the story of tremendous loss, great love and the threads that connect us all.